:: Fashion

DAS is not simply a line of Abayas for Emirati and Arab women but rather a collection that hopes to encourage self-expression of the region’s culture, heritage and origin. DAS was built on the foundations of national culture and identity to create pieces that reflect the wearer’s roots yet align them with the direction that fashion is taking in the 21st century on a global scale. Modernity is a state of mind more so than physical appearance and the collection reflects this very essence.
Toll Free : 800 4 DAS (800 4 327)
Email : info@dascollection.com
Website : www.dascollection.com

:: Products
A way of preserving a tiny part of history through stories of our past. The burqa allows us to gain a sense of tradtion and culture in the body of a unqiue Souvenir.
Email : info@burqa.ae
Website : www.burqa.ae